Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Folk Club 2012 Christmas Special

Folk Club Christmas Carols

One jolly folk clubber, young Theo, who has a couple of successful floor spot appearances under his belt, came up with what we all thought to be a very valid point, that Christmas, and particularly the singing of carols, get a rather short shrift at the folk club. This is not due to any Scrooge like attitudes on our part, but merely to the fact that meeting on the first Friday of each month, as we do,the December meet occurs whilst hardly a big toe is inside the door of Advent and people aren't really fully in the Christmas spirit yet but come the first Friday in January and it's well, just simply too late.

So we all met up on the evening of December 27th in the cosy surroundings of the "Seelige Witwe" and sang a delightful mixture of English and German carols, impromptu, un-plugged and unrehearsed. This just goes to prove that the folk club is not just a trickle down from the top organisation, but can also handle a well intentioned upward surge of ideas from the floor.

Furthermore, the faces of at least two of the merry assembled singers were basking in the holy glow of the backlight from a tablet whilst singing the lyrics of the carols, proving that the folk club can be thoroughly modern and not at all Luddite, when out of area.

It was a wonderful evening and while the beer was copious we didn't get too wassailed, so thanks again to Theo for the impetus and we'll try and make it the final feature of the folk club calender again next year.

- John Harrison

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