Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

The February meet of Folk Club Bonn was fortunately graced by the presence of John Hurd from 3SongsBonn whose succinct prose and photographic skills are deservedly well renown on this portal.

Barry once poignantly observed that every Folk Club Bonn could be considered a "Gesamtkunstwerk" and February was certainly no exception. As the evening came to a close our Folk Club Bonn anthem, "Jock Stewart" was even enhanced by a tuba solo..

Every single person in the room was a descendant of someone who, once upon a time, had been born in Africa and must have had a certain "get-up-and-go" in order to have got up, and headed north.

Whoever "they" and "we" all are, or once were,  I'll wager nobody, including me, was expecting a tuba solo during Jock Stewart so far south and east of Scotland in a small town in Germany.

We sing "Jock Stewart" usually at the close of each Folk Club Bonn but it is the very first time that we have performed it with a tuba solo, so special thanks to  GeWe Spiller for blowing those low notes.

If you wish to join in at the end of a first Friday of the month evening then Folk Clubbers can find  "Jock Stewart",  both the lyrics and the notes lower down on the right hand side of this page under :

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See you all on March 3rd



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