Montag, 5. März 2018

Folk Club Bonn # 89 on Friday 02.03.2018

Inclement weather prevailed at the March Folk Club and prevented several arrivals, but John Hurd made it in the end, or at least for the second half. He reminded us that Friday 02.03.2018 would have been Rory Gallagher's 70th birthday if he were still whiling away amongst us and promptly delivered an "Annette" (a one song floor spot) entitled "Wildflowers" on the theme for the evening. Kathy Freeman was sorely missed by her absence but John Hurd brought a heartfelt rendition of her poignant song written in the aftermath of the British referendum on Brexit from June 23rd, 2016  entitled "Tattered Flag". There were a few moist pairs of British eyes in the room, still in a state of shock from the mind-boggling realisation that 17 million frustrated but enfranchised voters could so radically change the future for a country of some 65 million souls.

Here's Kathy Freeman's "Tattered Flag" here:

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