Dienstag, 29. Januar 2019

Sabines Bilder vom Folk Club 98 am 4. Januar 2019 Part I

Here is the Folk Club Bonn Banner lovingly made by Emily Roshto 
for our 50th celebration in 2014 when we marched through Graurheindorf 

Steve & John
"Are you sure you set the coordinates right for the Tardis Doctor?"

"We seem to have landed amidst a coppice, or indeed
a veritable forest of harps!"
John Harrison & Eva Henneken
"All my life I've been a ramblin' man, sad and
lonely, living the best I can."
Eva Henneken 
plucking staccato

Lavender Blue reminding us,
"That everything that's made of wood, was once a tree."
Support on vocals from father Günter and daughter Eva Engel
and Eva Henneken on fiddle.

Mother Engel (Angel) Gabriella on the harp

Lavender Blue in action featuring not only three harps and a contrabass
but also a hammered dulcimer, which curiously is called a "Hackbrett" in German,
which also means a chopping block for cutting meat or vegetables. 

Lavender Blue, about to take a well-earned bow after their encore.

Wandering Souls from Cologne are a charming young duo comprising

Gerrit Winterhold and Lorena Manz from Cologne,
making their second appearance at Bonn folk club

Our featured artists also from Cologne are the Gerd Schinkel Trio.

Gerd Schinkel is originally from Glückstadt on the Elbe,
in Schleswig-Holstein to the NW of Hamburg.

Chris Biederwolf from Celle has probably got the purest German accent in the room and has played here several times, both with Gerd Schinkel, and as a solo performer.

GeWe Spiller on acoustic bass guitar has left his tuba at home in Beuel this evening.

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