Dienstag, 5. Februar 2019

John Hurd of 3 Songs Bonn @ FCB # 99 on 01.02.19

We were fortunate to have John Hurd amongst us at the last folk club meeting with Tangoyim as featured artists.


One thing that John H(u) forgot to relate to you though, was that he actually stood in with John H(a) for a Ewan MacColl song, right on the money and the "fresh air" theme of the evening as one of the "Two Manchester Rovers".

Anyone who has been to Manchester and Glossop and Hayfield and walked upon Kinder Scout will be aware of the significance of this particular song.
This song written in 1932 was the "making" of Ewan MacColl and the "saving" of public rights of way for so many walkers, hikers and ramblers in England.


Following the mass trespass of 1932, public access to land changed, and later in the post-WW II years, the Peak District National Park became the first of many public National Parks which were later set up in the UK. With the benefit of hindsight, this was probably one of the most positive aspects of the 1930s!


We all have a lot to thank both Ewan MacColl and John Hurd for!

Somethings in life are very difficult but well worth striving for,.

Songs cannot always "move" mountains, but sometimes they can change public opinion about who may walk upon them and enjoy the countryside.

We hope to see everyone with a song in them at FCB # 100 on Friday 01.03.2019!

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