Montag, 27. Januar 2020

Folk Club Bonn #109 from 03.01.2020 Singers' Night 3SongsBonn Report from John Hurd

FOTO: by the kind courtesy of John Hurd of 3SONGSBONN

Fresh after the Christmas break and so early into the new year, with no featured artists and with the

type of January weather that had no one yearning to take a seat on the extensive balcony outdoors,

we were half expecting a somewhat meagre attendance at the first meet in 2020.

Suffice to say, if you didn't come early it was standing room only.

We did have harps galore and many a dulcet tone or two though and.

John Hurd of 3SongsBonn was in attendance too!

Click on the link above to see some magnificent photos and read a wonderful report

of an equally wonderful evening.

If you weren't there and missed it, you only have yourselves to blame!

Thanks again John.

More photos of the evening on the link below here:

There are many surprises lined up for our 10 year anniversary on the 7th February 2020, so do come along to Folk Club Bonn #110. It has long been suspected and recently even proven, that attending live music concerts is not only balsam for the soul but also actually increases longevity,
- and "folk is great - beer is good - and people are crazy!"

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