Sonntag, 15. März 2020

Folk Club Bonn #111 from 06.03.2020 3SongsBonn Report from John Hurd

Once again we were graced by the presence of John Hurd from 3SongsBonn
at the last folk club. This time John admirably performed a self-penned song about his departed father, Jack. Certainly not an easy task as any songwriter will vouch for. This did not hamper him in any way from blessing us with his usual incredibly high standard of photography and prose which you can now thankfully enjoy, especially as this could well be the last folk club in a while.

Corona, Corona

Featured Artists  Stables aka  Mathew Lowe and Dan Trenholme 

There are more photos from John Hurd available here:

Thanks again John for once again helping to perpetuate musical magic!

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