Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2020

A Mirror

 A Mirror

never call a mirror sad
call a mirror many things
reflections of
enjoyments had

but never, ever
a mirror sad

call it true
call it blue
call it frank

forgetting never
this steady friend
who reports 
truly you

equally both
glad and bad

call a mirror many things
but never, ever
a mirror sad

John Harrison

This is a poem that I originally wrote many years ago but I still think it is worth dedicating today to the many people who really do try to "square the circle" and do the impossible at Folk Club Bonn and capture a live musical event on what used to be called celluloid, but what is now only a few extra bites on your smartphone, tab or laptop, Perhaps not only humans but photographer's photographs are no longer developing in the same way that they were once used to!?!

Whatever, many thanks indeed to John Hurd, Sabine, Detlef and Barry and all the other contributors for the many mirror-like images and photographs that have made this particular blog a mirror-like reflection of a most wonderful unique monthly musical celebration of life that was, and still is, Folk Club Bonn. It has now over a decade of wonderful history. 

John Hurd has even produced a photographic history which the "Geiz ist doch Geil" minorities in the FCB can win at the next raffle. More concerning folk historians can ask John Hurd for a copy through the more normal channels. It is a photographic "work of art", I have personally attended and moderated and played at all of those folk club Bonn evenings and I can verify that the music provided by all of the wonderful contributing performers on each evening was not bad either!

Thanks to all of you extremely good people who continue to make Folk Club Bonn happen, even in such inclement times in which we currently live. 

We really heed and need a little more  "HOPE" now so much more than ever


John Harrison

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