Freitag, 1. Juli 2022

FCB # 125 Friday 01.07.22


Dear Folk Club friends,

almost as expected, we rejoiced too soon about the Corona situation last month. The numbers are going up again. But it's summer and there is longer light in the evenings. Your Folk Club team has therefore decided to hold the upcoming Folk Club outside. The latest COVID-19 variant Omicron 5.0 has its marching boots on and so we are not offering it a running buffet in a musical Petri dish indoors. Many of you will have unfortunately already contracted coronavirus over the last two years. If you have, two things are a racing certainty, you probably did not contract it outdoors, but you invariably contracted it indoors, in confined poorly ventilated spaces with other people who were infected.

Wandering Souls alias Gerrit Witterhold and Lorena Manz from Cologne are unfortunately hindered from attending this evening, but they will be resheduled for the future. The duo Zwei von Zwei with Stephan Weidt and Ulrike Hund from Bonn have announced themselves for the evening. There will also be another opportunity to hear Yawen Liu, who has already enchanted the Folk Club audience several times. But as always, that will not be all. Let us surprise you! In addition there will be Shay McVieh, Eva Henneken, Mario Dompke, Christoph Thiebes and John Harrison

Below are the most important dates:

Date: Friday 01 July 2022

Start: 19.00 hrs until probably 22.00 hrs.

Place: The meadow on the right hand side behind Dotty's Sports Bar and Restaurant (public club house of the Bonn Tennis and Hockey Association - BTHV), Christian-Miesen-Straße, 53129 Bonn (Dottendorf).

Corona: As the event will take place outdoors and the risk of contagion is thus significantly reduced, we will not be taking any special Corona precautions. However, we appeal to all participants to take a voluntary test beforehand. Please note that the booth outside the entrance to BTHV has now been dismantled and since May no COVID-19 tests have been available on site there. Test centres are still open in Bonn centre and in Bad Godesberg and in Dottendorf and also at many chemists. The COVID-19 "Bürger Tests", the antigen tests are still completely free until the end of June. From July onwards they are still subsidised by the government but will cost only €3 each, the price of a small beer, so certainly worth it for your own peace of mind, and the peace of mind of your fellow folky compatriots,

There is no mandatory rquirement to wear a face mask, either in the building or of course outdoors, but as usual, anyone who feels safer, or even happier, wearing one, is absolutely free to do so. This is your free choice.

No prior registration is required this time.

Seating: There will be beer benches for sitting. If you would like to sit more comfortably, please bring your own seat, or a cushion.

FOOD: In addition to the normal menu in Dotty's Bar there will be an FCB (Folk Club Bonn) FFS (Fast Food Special):

Bockwurst with mustard             € 3,50 and

Bockwurst with potatoe salad     € 6,00 

And one of the most important things: as always, admission is free.  

The weather forecast is very favourable for Friday afternoon and evening, so fingers crossed, and I shall, as usual, be putting in a good word with the Green Man!

An information for all those who want to perform at the Folk Club and secure a date:

Please only use the address playrequestfolkclubbonn AT gmail dot com (of course spelled correctly with @ and .) for your registrations. Please do not just press "reply" to this mail you are reading now. Such a mail unfortunately ends up in a rat tail attached to the original mail and runs the greatest risk of being overlooked. This is unfortunately an unpleasant feature of Googlemail. If you use the special mail address for performance requests, this will not happen.

If you need further information, please contact

Your Folk Club Team

John Harrison (0228 3670150)

Detlef Stachetzki (0228 671621)

Mario Dompke (02633 470327)


 Folk Club Bonn am 01. Juli 2022 - Folk Club wieder unter freiem Himmel 

Liebe Folk Club Freunde,

It's not often that we get this much fun indoors!

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