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Extraordinary folk club on Friday 26.08.22 in honour of guests from Oxford FCB # 126

 Dear Folkies,

A long time ago Plato once said that “music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”. It is so.

So, we are hosting an extraordinary folk club meet, unusually on the LAST Friday in August on 26.08.22 in celebration of the diamond 75th  jubilee of the city twinning between Oxford and Bonn, which originally took place in 1947 just after the cessation of hostilities after WW II.  Bonn Folk Club already sent a small delegation to Oxford in June to celebrate and you can see a small docu film here on YouTube:

For most people living on continental Europe, twinning arrangements in particular and the EEC/EU in general represent greater understanding and prosperity and a lessened chance of war, now sadly occurring once more on European soil. With war currently raging in eastern Europe, what better time to reflect just how lucky we are in western Europe, despite corona and looming gas shortages, to be a small piece of a much greater relatively peaceful community.

Where will it be in Bonn?

Folk Club Bonn is situated almost equidistant between Bonn and Bad Godesberg and if you are travelling by tram / U Bahn the Ollenauerstrasse is the station to alight at, then walk due west and cross the railway lines and turn into the next road on the right and we are on the first floor of the building you see opposite you. By normal DB railway, alight at Bonn UN Campus and a short walk in a southerly direction will bring you to the railway crossing mentioned above when travelling from the Ollenauerstrasse. 

 Dotty’s Sports Bar und Restaurant (Öffentliches Vereinshaus des Bonner Tennis- und Hockey-Vereins – BTHV), Christian-Miesen-Straße, 53129 Bonn (Dottendorf)

Dotty's Sports Bar is situated on the first floor of the Bonn hockey and tennis sports complex.

Friday, 26.08.22 at 19:00 hrs.

So what will be in store for you? 

If COVID-19 incidence rates behave themselves than we will have our old fashioned indoor meeting, without amplification and totally unplugged. There will be no restrictions on who can attend and it will not be necessary to pre-register in advance in order to attend. There will be no mandatory wearing of nose and face masks, but for those of you who actually feel safer and happier doing so, then it is fine for you to do so. Regular fresh ventilation will be provided by our very own Eleanor, so there may not only be beer on draught! There will also be a periodic most welcome refreshing breeze

Apart from the usual folk club Bonn regulars, none other that Tom Kannmacher will be the featured artist on his lute. Tom is one of Germany’s most talented aficionados of traditional German folk music. Furthermore, Barry L. Roshto will be on hand with some stunning musical and spoken word presentations for your perusal and enjoyment.

For anybody who can prove that they are residents of Oxford the entrance will be free and they will also have the opportunity to perform a floor spot of 2-3 songs.

On the following day on Saturday 27.08.22 there will be a Bürgerfest in Bonn centre near the Sterntor, and Bonn folk club will be performing from 12:10 hrs until 12:40 hrs. There will be lots of other attractions on the day including the elusive Oxford Morris Men dancing troop. Do come along, it's outdoors and free.

Ricky Rhyme

had arms of thyme

and like a clock he ticked.

In Provence 

grew lavender

but it was Rosemary 

he picked.

Keep smiling, stay safe and look after one another, the chances are that nobody else will unless you do!

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