Montag, 8. Oktober 2018

Sabines Bilder vom Folk Club Nr. 94 am 7. September 2018

Folk Club Bonn dawns down at Dotty's in Dottendorf
on the first Friday of each month

John Harrison
Eva Henneken

Gert Müller


 World Music Bonn

Thiline Kurukulasuriya 

John Hay

Eva Henneken

Carolin Schaulandt

 Mario Dompke

 Mario Dompke & Sebastion Landwehr

Steve Perry, Regine Perry-Mertens
Uta Schäfer & Bernd Wallau

American Bob as Welsh Dragon tamer

Dutchmen in kilts? No, they're really Fresians, so that's OK!
Carieke, Jouke and Johan
are known alternatively as "Dancing Voices"
"The Kiltians "
and here as "MacAukema & Friends"

Thumbs up from Jouke

Jutta Mensing with FiF announcements and
a moon song from Donovan
Gerd Schinkel
 down from Cologne
with another self-penned "hit" song?
Local singer/songwriter
Sebastian Landwehr
on his magic Martin
"Macaukema & Friends "
up again in the second half

Hail Groningen!

His Master's Voice

Paddy over 'earing the proceedings

Finally,"A man you don't meet everyday"
Jock Stewart

having a grand send off as the evening's finale

Will the last one out please shutter the windows,
turn off the lights and close the doors

'Evening all

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