Sonntag, 5. Februar 2023

FCB # 132 The best meet of 2023 so far with David Lübke as featured artist on Friday 03.02.23

 Well, what a night that was!

It was almost like we were back in time and C-19 had never happened. 

We still ensured that there was sufficient ventilation during the break, but we were 85 people and a wonderful atmosphere with many varied and wonderfully talented musicians.

An evening of pure joy and a great pleasure to behold!    

We started punctually at 19:00 hrs but we finished well after 22:30 hrs

"Man of the Match" was undoubtedly David Lübke from Hannover

Here on the guitar 

and here on the 5 String Banjo

Here together with Mario supporting David on guitar with a song about an apple tree.

David & Mario again and on the left of the photo standing, a charming, ever-smiling, diminutive young lady, Natalie, who with two members of staff in Dotty's Bar at BTHV off ill, still managed to single-handedly keep everyone in the well-filled room adequately supplied with drink and vittles and such good humour for the whole of the evening.
 Thank you Natalie!

David Lübke with the well-crafted lyrics of his self-penned songs and filigree delicate and sophisticated accompaniments blew into the room like a large breath of fresh air and this young 26-year-old troubadour took us all to the virtual horizon and back and showed us that there was indeed room for us all there, to sit underneath the apple tree. With his confident multi-talented performance belying his tender years David gifted those fortunate four score and five souls present with a uniquely uplifting evening of pure acoustic unpretentious folk music and reminded us all what a folk club is for and he was well rewarded indeed for the first time in Bonn folk club's 13 year history, and on its 132nd meet, with the first full standing ovation at the end of the evening that we have ever experienced.

Thank you so very much, David Lübke!

Good luck on your forthcoming tour. 

(Photos courtesy of Uta Schäfer)

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