Dienstag, 14. Februar 2023

John Hurd's take on FCB # 132 on Friday 03.02.23 with friend David Lübke

 It almost felt as though C-19 is finally over. It isn't of course, and only this week an old friend of mine in Scotland succumbed to it for the second time, despite being double vaccinated and double boosted, but it certainly felt like it briefly on this first Friday in February, it was almost as if C-19 had never existed, it was certainly like a folk club "back in the good old days."  As I never cease to extol during my night watchman tour of Bonn in the year 1698, upon closer analysis, there really never was such a thing as "the good old days", most of the "old days" were only in the distorted memories of people and seen through the rose-tinted spectacles of time, ever considered "good". There was wars, famines, religious persecutions, executions for witchcraft, the black death, yet for some explicable reason we still continue to nostalgically refer to the "good old days".  

Thanks to now having more holes in our bodies than a colander, due to innoculations, we seem to have hopefully survived the worst of C-19, but it still effectively stole three years of our collective active lives.


"It ain't over yet!" and it probably not be until the fat lady sings, and that's why we continue to ventilate so vehemently. So do continue to keep coming, but do stay away if you do feel contagious, and do continue to attire yourselves for a visit to an outdoor Christmas market.

So thank you David Lübke for helping us to reiterate our faith in ourselves and providing such an astounding evening of folk music which made all the sacrifices of the last few years since C-19 first knocked on our doors, so very much worthwhile.

(Photo courtesy of John Hurd from 3SongsBonn)

A special thanks of course to John Hurd for witnessing this wonderful evening and describing it in his own inimitable way:

and of course it wouldn't be a proper 3SongsBonn report without a host of superb additional photos for your perusal, and here they are either by pressing the red "CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS" button on the 3SongsBonn page or simply click here:

Thanks again John Hurd for your unshakeable faith and endless tenacity as a fellow Bonn Folk Clubber and your wonderful words and photos!

Thanks to our amazing audience for both coming and being, and for listening so quietly and attentively and applauding so generously.

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