Mittwoch, 10. November 2021

How Lucky We Are! FCB # 119

Our own Elena Giovio put in a sterling evening's altruistic work at the folk club in Dotty's bar last Friday, ensuring that the room was sufficiently and frequently ventilated Thanks for that Elena! This was the first folk club that we have held indoors at Dotty's since March 2020 when corona struck. We had limited admission to only 50 people (on our own account as virtually all government restrictions and recomendations for event organisers seem to have been completely dismantled on the alter of normality)and with 2G certification, as the previous outdoor events had been with 3G certification, but by herding people indoors from the relative safety of outdoors, 2G seemed to be a sensible further precaution for the audience, which surprisingly riled some dedicated anti-vaxxers. Thanks to my E-mail asking people NOT to come if they were in any doutbt at all, only 30 people applied, so it was all the better for that, and all the more cosy too. Thanks to Elena's efforts with the ventilation and the fact that most of the performers indeed chose to play instrumentals rather than to sing songs and with only 30 people, it turned out to be not only a very safe environment but one very rich in musical pleasure. Part of that pleasure was provided by John Hurd himself with one of his own songs which he had been quietly ageing for 40 years, before finally giving it a public airing, and even a Tom Waits song, for which I have never been able to muster sufficient courage to perform. Well done and many thanks John Hurd! You are one of the unsung heroes who keep Bonn Folk Club going and sailing on an even keel through the very difficult waters of 2020 and 2021.
You will find link to John Hurd's 3SongsBonn site and be able to read a wonderful report in English of a very wonderful evening which was not easy to organise, but well worth it in the end, for those happy few who attended, and you can see some of John Hurd's wonderful photography too: As I mentioned in the previous post here I did expect and hope a "crowd photo" to be condiderably less crowded than the picture lower down the blog from February 2020, which was featured in the previous post, and so it was. Mario here had room enough to swing a cat in, which has not always been the case at the folk club.
Actually Mario Dompke is one of the truest folk clubbers joining us way back in Graurheindorf. COVID-19 has presented us with many challenges over the last two years. When we have had to adapt to unusual and difficult circumstances Mario was always in the vanguard, accepting adversity with a smile and a wink in his right eye, instead of complaining. He installed the spotlights in the Saal at Dotty's in next to no time and we used those on Friday for the very first time in 20 months! "The only way is for us to play outside?" "No problem, I'll bring my equipment." Playing predominantly "instrumentals" instead of mere "songs" i.e. poetry set to music, rather than the pure musical intrumental prowess that we saw from Werner Krotz-Vogel and Thomas together and seperately from Eva and Uwe earlier in the evening. Some baulked but not Mario, giving us unusually (Mario is a very talented singer/songwriter in his own right, and he normally writes and sings in German, much to Detlef's satisfaction. When asked if he could do 3-4 piecess as instrumentals rather than songs?, he readily agreed, not everyone can do that so readily apparantly. Thanks, for what you do to maintain FCB's survival Matio! ! We ran a limited programme at FCB#119 with predominantly instumentals,so there was actually time to sing Jock Stewart. As we promised earlier we allowed a break of ten minutes at the end for people to vacate the room before we started singing. It was perhaps a tribute to Elena's strict ventilation regime throughout the evening that everyone felt so safe and so not one person left the room, and so after a gap of 20 months the song depicting Scotland's most notorious cattle drover, Jock Stewart, graced these hallowed walls once more! It has become a tradition over the years that all the musicians and singers who have performed at the folk club of an evening, all come to the front and sing and play Jock Stewart together at the end of an evening and it was heartwarming to see this tradition continue once more, after such a long silent time. Here are Eva Henneken, Uwe Jendricke, Thomas Monnerjahn and Werner Krotz-Vogel doing just that:
Very good also to see the Folk Club Bonn banner which Barry's daughter Emily produced so many moons ago once more adorning the walls:
If you do have a couple of minutes do take time to follow the link on 3SongsBonn which John Hurd put up to link to a YouTube video of Jesse Fuller performing San Fransisco Bay Blues, a veritable one man band!

Donnerstag, 4. November 2021

Inside out? or Outside in? Folk Club Bonn finally unplugged again!


Dear Folk Clubbers, hold the date!

Friday 05.11.21 (Doors open at 18:15 hrs)
Music starts at 19:00 hrs prompt until approx. 21:30 hrs

Guy Fawkes Edition


             Don't worry there definitely won't be this many people!
          Keine Sorge, so viele Leute werden es bestimmt nicht sein!

Dotty’s Sports Bar und Restaurant
(Öffentliches Vereinshaus des Bonner Tennis- und Hockey-Vereins –
Christian-Miesen-Straße 1,
53129 Bonn-Dottendorf

2G COVID-19 NRW-rules applicable on the day

This means you have to either have been fully vaccinated twice already or after already having contracted COVID)-19 be officially cured and certified. You may of course also have a recent valid negative test certificate as well, but IN ADDITION to 2G certification, and certainly not NOT INSTEAD of! This applies to musicians as well as to the audience.

Before anyone starts moaning, if you do not wish to come on Friday, this is fine as, in the interests of safety, we are reducing numbers to 50 people only, so no need to feel obliged to come. Indeed, if you are suffering any symptoms whatsoever, such as sneezing, (especially incessantly), headaches, sore throat, ear pain, unexpected loss of taste and/or sense of smell, then it would be both very sensible and also responsible of you NOT to come at all.

Ventilation: there will be ample and sufficient and regular ventilation throughout the evening, following most floor spots, depending on their length. Many of you will have already attended our outdoor FCBLite meets on the hockey field, so if you again are dressed like that, but for indoors, you should be OK. You shouldn’t need an umbrella and oilskins, but a warm pullover and scarf would not go amiss. If, however, you have an aversion to draughts, or if you simply have a tendency to complain too readily, then we recommend that you do not attend, just stay at home by the fireside pour yourself a whisky, and listen to Mike Harding‘s two-hour folk, roots, and acoustic music podcast, which is linked on the FCB Blog, instead;
We are caring for the safety of the majority and not pandering to the perceived needs of the minority.

If you wish to come: reservations are mandatory, so please send a request: to (and please do not just reply to this E-mail as that will usually become lost in all the normal FCB Gmail traffic!) if successful, you will receive a confirmation E-mail, which you should: bring along with you on Friday. The first 50 to apply will be able to attend. Please have your: 2G certification ready to hand on arrival, so that unnecessary queues do not form at the entrance. Please wear masks: until you are seated and observe distances from fellow members of the audience. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask all the time, please feel free to do so.

Much of the music this Friday will be instrumentals, but there will be some songs too. If we do have time to sing Jock Stewart at the end of the evening, then those who have reservations about singing in public will have sufficient time to leave the hall beforehand.

So hopefully I’ll see about 49 of you on Friday. Do not forget that COVID-19 is not a laughing matter and do be aware that with breakthrough infections of vaccinated people, carriers can be asymptomatic and yet still be infectious for other people, especially unvaccinated people. The physicians in the folk club inform me that well over 90% of people currently in hospital in ICUs are those who have not yet been vaccinated.

Be good, be happy and stay safe and keep smiling through adversity!
(after all, that is exactly what we have had to do for the last 20 months!)

If this coming Friday is a success, then we can very much look forward to welcoming our regular Christmas special guest, Simon Kempston from Scotland  gracing us with his December presence once more on Friday 03.12.21

Originally scheduled for this Friday 05.11.21 was Juhana Iivonen from Finland, but his 2021 tour was another victim of COVID-19‘s wicked scalpel. I am happy to announce though that FCB Bonn will be the first stop on his 2022 European tour and you will be able to hear and enjoy this wonderful island of tranquility here again in Bonn Folk Club on Friday 04.03.2022.

So it really is all worthwhile suffering a few November draughts for an increasingly beckoning and rosy future for live music in Bonn Folk Club!


Liebe Folk Clubber, haltet euch den Termin frei!

Freitag 05.11.21
(Türöffnung um 18:15 Uhr)
Musikbeginn um 19:00 Uhr pünktlich bis ca. 21:30 Uhr

Guy Fawkes Ausgabe

In Dotty's Bar
c/o BTHV
Christian-Miesen-Straße 1,
53129 Bonn-Dottendorf

2G COVID-19 NRW-Regeln, die an diesem Tag gelten

Das heißt, Sie müssen entweder bereits zweimal vollständig geimpft worden sein oder nach einer bereits durchgemachten COVID-19-Infektion offiziell geheilt und zertifiziert sein. - sowie nach 6 Monaten eine Zweitimpfung ausweisen. Sie können natürlich auch ein aktuelles negatives Testzertifikat vorweisen, aber ZUSÄTZLICH zur 2G-Bescheinigung, und keinesfalls ANSTELLE davon!

Bevor jemand anfängt zu jammern: im Interesse der Sicherheit, für alle ist die 2G Regelung notwendig – gleichzeitig ist die Teilnehmerzahl auf 50 Personen beschränkt. Wenn Sie trotzdem nicht kommen wollen, verstehen wir das und da Sicherheit für Menschen, aber auch für die Möglichkeit zukünftig weiter Folkclubs im Dotty‘s zu haben Vorrang hat, bitten wir alle, die unter irgendwelchen Symptomen leiden, wie Niesen (vor allem unaufhörlich), Kopfschmerzen, Halsschmerzen, Ohrenschmerzen, unerwarteter Verlust des Geschmacks- und/oder Geruchssinns sehr vernünftig und verantwortungsbewusst zu sein und überhaupt nicht zu kommen.
Während des gesamten Abends wird es eine ausreichende und regelmäßige Belüftung geben, die nach den meisten Bodenflecken (Floorspots) erfolgt. je nach deren Länge. Viele von euch werden bereits an unseren Sommer FCBLite-Meets im Freien auf dem Hockeyfeld teilgenommen haben, wenn ihr also wieder so gekleidet seid, aber für drinnen, sollte es euch nichts ausmachen. Sie brauchen keinen Regenschirm und keine Ölzeugs, aber ein warmer Pullover und ein Schal wären nicht verkehrt. Wenn Sie jedoch Empfindlich gegen Zugluft sind beschweren Sie sich bitte nicht bei den „Lüftern“ – in diesen Fällen empfehlen wir darüber nachzudenken dieses Mal noch zu Hause am Kamin zu bleiben, sich einen Whisky zu gönnen und stattdessen Mike Hardings zweistündigen Folk-, Roots- und Akustikmusik-Podcast zu hören, der im FCB-Blog verlinkt ist.
Wir sorgen für die Sicherheit der Mehrheit und können nicht auf die Bedürfnisse jedes Einzelnen eingehen. Der Folkclub Bonn ist schon immer ein Port der Solidarität mit anderen gewesen – beweisen wir es auch in COVID-19 Zeiten.

Wenn Sie kommen möchten: Reservierungen sind notwendig, also senden Sie bitte eine Anmeldung an: (und bitte antworten Sie nicht einfach direkt auf diese E-Mail, da diese normalerweise im normalen FCB-Gmail-Verkehr untergeht!) Sie erhalten eine Bestätigungs-E-Mail, die Sie: am Freitag mitbringen sollten. Die ersten 50, die sich anmelden, werden teilnehmen können. Bitte halten Sie Ihre: 2G-Bescheinigung bereithalten, damit sich keine unnötigen Warteschlangen am Eingang bilden. Bitte tragen Sie Masken, bis Sie Platz genommen haben und halten Sie Abstand zu den anderen Zuhörern. Wenn Sie sich wohler fühlen, wenn Sie die ganze Zeit eine Maske tragen, können Sie dies gerne tun.

Der Großteil der Musik an diesem Freitag wird instrumental sein, aber es wird auch einige gesungene Lieder geben. Wenn wir am Ende des Abends Zeit haben, Jock Stewart zu singen, dann haben diejenigen, die Bedenken haben, in der Öffentlichkeit zu singen, genügend Zeit, den Saal vorher zu verlassen.

Ich hoffe also, daß ich am Freitag etwa 49 von Ihnen sehen werde. Vergessen Sie nicht, daß mit COVID-19 nicht zu spaßen ist, und seien Sie sich bewußt, dass bei Durchbruchsinfektionen von geimpften Personen die Träger assymptomatisch sein können und dennoch für andere, insbesondere ungeimpfte Personen, ansteckend sind. Die Ärzte im Folk Club Bonn haben mir mitgeteilt, daß derüberiegwnde Teil der Menschen, die sich derzeit in den Intensivstationen der Krankenhäuser befinden, noch nicht geimpft sind.

Seid brav, seid fröhlich, bleibt sicher und lächelt auch in schwierigen Zeiten!
(schließlich ist es genau das, was wir in den letzten 20 Monaten tun mußten!)

Wenn der kommende Freitag ein Erfolg wird, können wir uns darauf freuen, daß unser regelmäßiger Weihnachtsgast, Simon Kempston aus Schottland, uns am Freitag, den 03.12.21 wieder mit seiner Anwesenheit beehrt.

Ursprünglich war für diesen Freitag, den 05.11.21, Juhana Iivonen aus Finnland vorgesehen, aber seine Tournee 2021 wurde ein weiteres Opfer des bösen Skalpells von COVID-19. Ich freue mich aber, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, daß der FCB Bonn die erste Station seiner Europatournee 2022 sein wird und Sie diese wunderbare Insel der Ruhe am Freitag, den 04.03.2022 wieder hier im Bonner Folk Club hören und genießen können.

Es lohnt sich also wirklich, den Novemberblues mit einem Sicherheitsgetränkten Folkclub zu erleichtern und in eine immer rosiger werdende Zukunft der Live-Musik in Folkclub Bonn zu sehen!

Don’t forget to apply here:
Entrance is free, but strictly limited to a maximum of 50 people!

Bei Bedarf erhaltet Ihr weitere Informationen bei
Eurem Folk-Club-Team:

John Harrison (0228 3670150)
Detlef Stachetzki (0228 671621)
Mario Dompke (02633 470327)

PS For OUTDOOR freaks:
Harrison & Henneken
(That’s John Harrison & Eva Henneken) will be playing outdoors at the
Kennedybrücke Bonn, Germany
Musik für die Stadt - Brückenedition
On Saturday 06.11.21 from 13:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs
Under the bridge on the east bank of the Rhine
Beueler Seite.

But don't forget even with the Delta-4 variant marching 
"HOPE" is still even more contagious than COVID-19
and long may it remain so!

 "Man, all music is folk music. You ain't never heard no horse sing a song, have you?"
Big Bill Broonzy

Montag, 1. November 2021

The Mike Harding Show - The very best in folk, roots and accoustic music

Mike Harding just uploaded his now monthly podcast number 298 with just over two hours of the most wonderful music that one could possibly imagine.

Do enjoy!

Podcast #298

Podcast #298

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01 Mandolin King Rag – Even Dozen Jug Band – The Even Dozen Jug Band
02 Tinker’s Poteen – Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys Feat. Michael McGoldrick – The Wishing Tree
03 Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy – Reg Meuross & Harbottle And Jonas – Songs Of Love & Death
04 Craigie Hill – Karine Polwart – Still As Your Sleeping
05 As I Roved Out – Sarah Makem – Classic Celtic Music From Smithsonian Folkways (2013)
06 As I Roved Out – Doonan Family Band – Manna From Hebburn
07 Rolling English Road – Mishra – Reclaim
08 The Buckin’ Mule – Aly Bain & Mike Whellans – Aly Bain & Mike Whelans
09 Lough Erne – Boys Of The Lough – Second Album
10 The Three Butchers – Roy Bailey – Roy Bailey 
11 The Nailmaker’s Strike – Jon RavenNic JonesTony Rose – Songs Of A Changing World
12 The Jolly Beggar – High Level Ranters – High Level
13 Gentle Annie – Martyn Wyndham-Read – Martyn Wyndham-Read
14 Dumper / Pulling-Down Song – Muckram Wakes – A Map Of Derbyshire
15 The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood – Karine Polwart – Still As Your Sleeping
16 Five Miles From Town – Brad Kolodner – Chimney Swifts
17 Banks Of Marble – Leo Kottke and Iris Dement – A Prairie Home Companion: Duets
18 The Knife Thrower’s Assistant – Jon Palmer Acoustic Band – One Fine Day
19 Dancing On The Green – Antoni O’Breskey – Blessed Sadness
20 The Magdalene Laundries – The Chieftains with Joni Mitchell – Tears Of Stone 
21 Humours of Drinagh/The Trip To Athlone – Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon – I Gcnoc Na Graí
22 T For Texas (Blue Yodel No.1) – The Everly Brothers – A Prairie Home Companion – Duets
23 The May Morning Dew – Dervish with Rhiannon Giddens – The Great Irish Songbook
24 Meeting Point – Tim DallingIan CarrNeil Harland – Blossom
25 No-Go (Bagpipe Music) – Seán Tyrrell – The Cry Of A Dreamer
26 Farewell Tae The Haven – Old Blind Dogs – Knucklehead Circus
27 Lay Down Your Weary Tune – Cara – Grounded


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    Nothing short of a miracle in Glasgow can help us to survive!

                                Frankie the Velociraptor addressing the UN in New York, listen up!

    Two Bonn folk clubbers are in Glasgow at the moment for COP 26, John Hay & Nick Nuttall. Now I've been to Glasgow, and miracles don't tend to happen there all too often, so please cross your fingers and press and cross your thumbs collectively in the hope that humanity can survive after all.

    If you're a little confused about COP 26 here is some useful historical background from Nick for you:

    Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2021

    3SongsBonn & John Hurd go for a stealth walk and playing a litlle bit of Blues on the hockey field just outside of Dotty's Bar

    Many thanks to John Hurd and everyone else who played and/or pulled together to keep

    Folk Club Bonn not just alive, but thriving, despite COVID-19. 

    You all know who you are!

    Thank you so much, it is very much appreciated indeed!

    It really never has taken very much negativity to actually kill something, be it an animal, a human being, or an idea or a concept. This has been true all through and down the ages ever since mankind once had the "get up and go" to break camp and walk out of Africa and head up north. Who knows why they went up north? Probably when they arrived up north they were some of the first homo sapiens to discover just what it was like to feel like an "immigrant".

    Building something back up again from scratch, often with worn-out tools, and in the face of adversity, is a much more difficult, and often thankless task.

    Thank you all for trying and succeeding to keep this boat, this musical Noah's Arc, on a more or less even keel through the muddy windy waters that we have had to navigate over the last two years.

    Let's all "hope" that the only way is hope, and that it will indeed become better before it ever becomes worse again!

    More photos from last Friday @ FCB # 118  here:

    Thank you, John Hurd, I always knew you were a Blues!

    Nice hat John!

    Montag, 4. Oktober 2021

    The Mike Harding Show - The very best in folk, roots and accoustic music

    Here are a couple hours of some cracking music for you all, including "Kodak Ghosts" from the album "Fully Qualified Survivor" by the sadly recently departed guitarist and singer/songwriter Michael Chapman. I played, along with Eva Henneken on fiddle, one of Michael's songs "Rabbit Hills" also from his "Fully Qualified Survivor" album, at Bonn Folk Club on Friday 01.10.21

    Please enjoy!

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    Podcast #297

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    01 Spike On A Bike – Sarah-Jane Summers, Juhani Silvola – Widdershins
    02 Dead Skunk – The Pyros – At Last
    03 The Cuckoo – Stick In The Wheel – Single
    04 Munster Cloak / Boys Of The Town / Kerfunteun – Lily Gems & Eileen O’Driscoll – Early Reflections
    05 Kodak Ghosts – Michael Chapman – Fully Qualified Survivor [2011 Remaster]
    06 Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy – Reg Meuross & Harbottle  & Jonas – Songs Of Love And Death
    07 Moonshiner – John McCutcheon – Bucket List
    08 When I Was In Horseback – Mary Doran – Fire Draw Near
    09 Maple Leaf Rag – Duck Baker – Les Blues Du Richmond: Demos & Outtakes, 1973 – 1979
    10 Bonny George Campbell – Eamon O’Leary and Jefferson Hamer – The Murphy Beds
    11 Chimney Swifts – Brad Kolodner – Chimney Swifts
    12 Slavery Time Blues – Rufus McKenzie – Slavery, Prison, Women, God And Whiskey
    13 As I Roved Out – Bobby Eaglesham – Flash Company – A Celebration Of 25 Years Of Fellside Records [Disc 1]
    14 Rap Her T’bank – The Teesside Fettlers – Landmarks
    15 The Floggin’ Reel Trim The Velvet – Terry Clarke Coyne – Whistle Walks
    16 Brown Skin Baby – Tom Reid – When Kings Make War
    17 Chimes At Midnight – Martin Allcock – Ox15
    18 One Starry Night – Sean Tyrell – The Sound Of Stone 
    19 Talk To Me Of Mendocino – Karine Polwart – Still As Your Sleeping
    20 Watt’s Reel – Granny’s Attic – The Brickfields
    21 Fallow Ground – Spiers & Boden – Fallow Ground
    22 The Codfish – Nora Cleary – Fire Draw Near 
    23 Remember Annie Kenney – The Oldham Tinkers – A Lancashire Grace 
    24 Tipper’s Field – Brooks Williams & Aaron Catlow – Ghost Owl
    25 Little Musgrave – Cara – Grounded
    26 Spike On A Bike – Sarah-Jane Summers, Juhani Silvola – Widdershins


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    Donnerstag, 30. September 2021

    The Eagle Flies on Fridays

    Dear Folk Clubbers, hold the date! Friday 01.10.21

     (Gates open at 18:30 hrs) 
    American Bob Maribito is on the gate to check your Docs and Devices.
    Music starts at 19:00 hrs prompt until 21:30 hrs 

     FOLK CLUB BONN # 118
    Admission Free

     Outside Dotty's Bar on the hockey pitch 
    c/o BTHV Bonn-Dottendorf 
    Christian-Miesen-Straße 1, 53129 Bonn

     3G COVID-19 rules apply 
    (that means double vaccinated plus 2 weeks, cured or a valid recent negative test certificate)

    Your safety and good health is our concern and priority and of paramount importance and so
    If you are happy wearing a mask, wear one.
    If you have less than 1.5-metre spatial distancing whilst queuing, then definitely wear one!
    Caring for one another is more important than pushing your new "rights" ad infinitum.
    It's always good to chat, especially after long absences, but do keep your distances from one another, but maintain your respect for one another.

     Open-air, and outside

    I've had a word with the Green Man and he assures me it will be slightly cool after dusk, however, it will not rain before 21:30 hrs.  A hockey pitch is basically a field. A well-mown field, but it's still a field, so if you dress accordingly it's fine! Only the weather is sometimes inclement, the necessary clothing for the situation is up to you!
     So DO bring a pullover! but not necessarily your oilskins, although an umbrella might just be prudent for the journey home after Jock Stewart. 

     Hope to see you on Friday! 

     Be good, be happy, and stay safe and love and respect one another! 

    But don't forget even with the Delta-4 variant marching 
    "HOPE" is still even more contagious than COVID-19
    and long may it remain so.

    "Rambling" John Harrison and several other members of the Folk Club Bonn committee and several new and old performers will be there to warmly welcome you to an evening of slightly amplified acoustic folk, blues, and roots music.