Mittwoch, 3. März 2021

In My Garden

 Here's another musical oasis from half of  folk clubbers meoneo. A track from Werner Krotz-Vogel new solo album Soul Kiss", recorded in La Gomera Spain and mixed and mastered on planet earth. Definitely a recommended buy.  This track is composed by Werner in the unusual tuning of  DADFAD and is entitled "In My Garden" and this is certainly the mental image conjured up in the listener's mind with this enchantingly haunting guitar instrumental.


Such is the delightful quality of some of the guitarists that one is able to encounter in Folk Club Bonn when times improve and we are able to meet once more on the first Friday evening of the month. I cannot guarantee that all guitarists are this good, but many are authentic and it's always live!

Thanks for this Werner!

Carneval In Lockdown


Dear Folkies, 

there is not a lot currently happening and it is certainly the quietest Carnival that I have ever experienced.

Even the annual two-day Royal Shrovetide Football match in Ashbourne in Derbyshire fell victim to, and was cancelled due to, COVID-19:

Such a shame, that used to be one of the few places in England where the pubs were open all day long before licencing laws were eased!

Ashbourne in the very heart of English is a beautiful country market town and is certainly a town I loved so well and still do.

Despite the current restrictions due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, one can still find the odd oasis of music going on despite the odds, and here is one such from folk clubber Sebastion Landwehr

presenting a gem from The Dubliners on YouTube