Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

U M Z U G - M O V I N G

Hi Folkers!

I hope all of you noticed that we did not have a meet in Feburary 2012, if not very sorry if you showed up at the old location and found that we were not there.

Hope you are not so angry that you will not show up in March at our new location, which is actually not too far from the old one.

pls have a look to the right of this post for the new address.

A major problem involved in finding our new address was the issue of the piano, as some of the people playing at the folk club need a keyboard. In many of the venues that we considered there was no piano.

But, Steve Perry (a regular - B I B L E - participant at the FCB) helped us find a solution. He offered us a piano on loan.

But there was still the problem of getting this 500 pound (225 kilo) monster to the new location. As you may imagine there were costs involved with the transport.

Other than that, we must have wheels put on it, have it tuned, as well as purchasing a cover for protection, etc.

Last, but not least, we must print flyers and cards with the new address.

All in all the costs are around 150 to 200 Euros.

Since there is no entrance fee to the Folk Club, we would like to cordually ask if some of our regular visitors might be in the position to contribute to these costs.

Ingrid will be glad to recieve your contributions at our next meet in March.

Many, many thanks in advance!