Samstag, 23. April 2016

Folk Club Bonn Nr. 69 at 19:00 hrs on Friday 06.05.16

Dear Folkies,

"Man, all music is folk music. You ain't never heard no horse sing a song, have you?"
Big Bill Broonzy

Big Bill Broonzy's poignant observation is as valid today as when he first uttered it in the first half of the last century and we've certainly got some goodies lined up for you on the 6th of May. The evening's theme is Plants and Animals and with spring cascading upon us and enveloping us in all its resplendent glory it will doubtless be a splendid evening as, although they are not duty bound to, most of our singers go to great lengths to at least "tip a hat" to the evening's theme and we may hear of Dan D Lions, of mating mallard ducks, and even a couple of poems from Rainer Maria Rilke recited by Dieter Faring.

We have not one, but two Featured Artists lined up for you on this evening, both born in England, one in Cambridge and one like the famous bard, William Schecksperre, from Stratford-on-Avon.

Posters aka Tom Copson is a very promising young up and coming singer/songwriter enjoying tumultuous reviews, who can be researched on

and here are a couple of sound bites on YouTube displaying some of this young talented singer/songwriter's voice range:

Our other featured artist is also a singer/songwriter who is as comfortable on keybopards (which old rockers may remember from the days of the Edgar Broughton Band) as he is on the guitar, which I'm pleased to say is a Guild, even if he does play it the "wrong" way round.

Richard de Bastion has played at Folk Club Bonn before, in October 2013 where he demonstrated his skills as a singer/songwriter's singer/songwriter, so well does this craftsman hone his own songs. With his song "Bully The Kid" he even invented a whole new artistic genre writing a song about America's greatest twentieth century stand up comic/philosopher Bill Hick's sketch based on an old US western where a bullying gunslinger chastises a poor peasant into "picking up his gun" in order that he can be murdered in self defence.
The anology to the USA's foreign policy over the last decades is as spine chilling as it is accurate:

Here is Richard's webpage if you wish to check himout in advance:

In addition Steve Perry will be serenading through a pool of confetti. I don't think we have a cello for you, but if the cello is the queen of instruments the tuba must certainly be the king of instruments and GeWe Spiller has taken it upon himself to thankfully remind us that May 6th is in fact international tuba day, and he'll be playing some notes way down sweet and low on his tuba. In the classic movie Peter O'Toole played "Laurence of Arabia" but we have for you Laurence O'Toole, an Englishman of Irish origin singing a swan song for you and also Lothar Prünte aka ELPI with a voice like Tina Turner's coming down from Cologne riding a white swan. It promises to be a veritable musical wonderland.

So kick off and the "Ladies and Gentleman" battle cry will be shortly after seven o'clock but I recommend you coming earlier if you wish to have a good seat, and the earlier you come, the better chance you have of eating before, rather than during the performance. So looking forward to seeing you on Friday May 6th for what looks like being a cracking evening and who knows? perhaps even the swifts will have made it back from southern Africa to be with us again by then.

John Harrison