Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

Fotos from FC 20 - 7th October 2011

we had a crowd of around 70 - 80 on a dismal driss...ling night
but, certainly a great evening of English & German music and literature!!!

we had a mixed bag of interesting and interested faces

some new ones, some known ones

some shy ones, some bold ones

some young ones

some old ones

some thin ones, some...
no better stop while I'm still ahead...

I had the pleasure of starting the evening

glad to be back... doing my best not to
"sing out of tune"!

and doing my best not to cry at my own sad country songs...

first surprise of the evening: Raid reading an original short story,
a monologue in which a stone from the Holy Land recounts it's uneventfull but revealing life...
for the original German Text scroll down to the previous blogg entry

Daniel was with us again...

Special Guests : Joker

John kicks off the 2nd half

joined by Detlev on the drums

Peter & the Proud Merries
putting down some 3-part harmony

Hanny visiting from Philadelphia, USA
reads us a Rilke poem about Autumn
(she speaks quite good German for an Ami;-)

then she, Ray & Karin lead us in a spoken round
something about cats and chickens?

our trusty Thomas...

Joker & Silke finish up a great evening

Well Done Joker!
Hope to see all you clubbers in November!

John - or is it Barry? Or both? :-)
- Folk Club Bonn -

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