Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Bar Stools

Hey Folkers!

We need your help again...

There are no Bar Stools (see above image) at our venue...

Does anyone have some of (above) that they could give us?

Does anyone have some money they could give us to buy some of (above)?

Pls contact us asap if you can help...

W H Y ?

Following is an excert from an internal Folk Club Memo:

"In reply to your question on the barstools Steve, Detlef kindly brought one from home last time in his trailer, which Charlie from LFF put to good use. It's certainly a big improvement soundwise for the listeners as it raises the the sound box of the guitar to a level equal to their ears rather than their bums. Two or even three might be useful, which we can store at Müllestumpe permanently and have them bring out once a month. [perhaps a mention in your report Detlef and/or e-mails ? or a direct request on the blog if anyone has any to "donate" to the FC?]"

Cheers for all that,

Hope to be seeing you all at the next meet...

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