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Sabines Bilder vom Folk Club 108 am 6. Dezember 2019


Eva Henneken, Christoph Thiebes, John Harrison

Wolfgang Schriefer

Carola Heyden und Daniel Bongart

Rob Taylor

Tom Kannmacher

Simon Kempston

Barry Roshto

Ruth und Barry

John Harrison, Dorothee (Dotty) Sträter und Steve Perry

What is Steve reading out aloud?

Commendation and Certificate

In Recognition of Her Support and Friendly and Competent Service over the Years,
We, the Organizers of Folk Club Bonn,
on this Sixth Day of December in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Nineteen
do Award

Dorothee Sträter
aka “Dotty”

Honorary Lifelong Membership in

Folk Club Bonn

with all the Rights and Privileges Pertaining thereto.
including Free Admission to all Performances Taking Place
under the Auspices of that Organization

As we charge no admission at Folk Club Bonn we cannot show our appreciation in mere monetary terms, but there are other ways and means, and in addition to Steve's wonderful certificate and commendation, which you can see above, Dotty also received a copy of John Hurd's book with a wonderful pictorial history of Folk Club Bonn from the very beginning in 2010. Small tokens of our enormous gratitude dear Dotty!
Furthermore, no one in the FCB audience ever died of dehydration or malnutrition during a folk club evening due to Dotty's wonderful supervision and the courtesy and quiet yet most efficient service of her staff who all seemed to understand and love both the music and the craic.
Thanks guys! (and gals!)
Dotty und ihre Lokalbesatzung
(it being in Germany a bouquet of posies could not fail- thanks Steve)

Steve Perry

Musikkomplizen (Jakob, Uwe, Dennis, Michael und Leif)


Dennis und Michael

Uwe und Dennis


Le Clou

Yves Gueit

Johannes Epremian

Steve Crawford

"Jock Stewart"

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