Montag, 30. März 2020

Troubling Times

Thanks for the great photos of FCB # 111 from Friday 06.03.20 Detlef!

Never have „the good old times“ seemed so close, and at some times not really that far away, and at other times, simply mind-blowing light-years away.

Now the photo below is unfortunately, all that we are likely to see of FCB # 112 which was scheduled for Friday 03.04.20:

Musicians everywhere are suffering from the government imposed shutdowns. Many of the featured
artists who perform at the folk club are professional musicians and Stables, comprising Mathew Lowe and Daniel Trenholme,who played for us at FCB # 111 back in early March at the start of a planned month-long continental tour had to, unfortunately, break off and head back to London early, after little over a week, as there were suddenly no more gigs left taking place here in Germany.

Apropos Stefan Mönkemeyer, he won't be driving down from Dortmund to play for you this Friday, for reasons beyond our control. I am sure that many of you were looking forward to that evening, especially the ones who were fortunate to catch him the last time he played with us, back in October 2018 at FCB # 95
The folk club blog, being Google-based, allows searching and if you type a search question in the box in the top left-hand corner and click on the magnifying glass, you can draw on a detailed repository of over 10 years of Bonn folk club history in words and photos.

There is something that you could do though  if you wish to check out Stefan's webpage,
or even drop a few kind words and say hello to Stefan at 
kontakt       at
He's holed up like everyone else at the moment and I'm sure it would be appreciated. You might even see your way to buying a CD from Stefan to brighten up his day and your surroundings whilst you stay indoors and isolated for most of your time in the forthcoming weeks.

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