Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2021

3SongsBonn & John Hurd go for a stealth walk and playing a litlle bit of Blues on the hockey field just outside of Dotty's Bar


Many thanks to John Hurd and everyone else who played and/or pulled together to keep

Folk Club Bonn not just alive, but thriving, despite COVID-19. 

You all know who you are!

Thank you so much, it is very much appreciated indeed!

It really never has taken very much negativity to actually kill something, be it an animal, a human being, or an idea or a concept. This has been true all through and down the ages ever since mankind once had the "get up and go" to break camp and walk out of Africa and head up north. Who knows why they went up north? Probably when they arrived up north they were some of the first homo sapiens to discover just what it was like to feel like an "immigrant".

Building something back up again from scratch, often with worn-out tools, and in the face of adversity, is a much more difficult, and often thankless task.

Thank you all for trying and succeeding to keep this boat, this musical Noah's Arc, on a more or less even keel through the muddy windy waters that we have had to navigate over the last two years.

Let's all "hope" that the only way is hope, and that it will indeed become better before it ever becomes worse again!

More photos from last Friday @ FCB # 118  here:

Thank you, John Hurd, I always knew you were a Blues!


Nice hat John!

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