Samstag, 3. Dezember 2022

Simon Kempston & Bronwyn Claire Asha are still on the road. If you happen to miss them, it is entirely your own faults! Thank you both for such a wonderful evening in Bonn folk club, and espcially to you Simon for producing a new CD each year in order to retain your perennial December slot in FCB. Thank you for fully complying over the last decade. Now you perhaps have a new condition, but quite in very dear late, great, Steve Perry's tradition, you have now also have to try to bring bring a Canadian performer along with you, at least of the calibre of Bronwyn. (sorry to keep continually "upping the ante" Simon!) It was such a wonderful "call and responce" between your own subtle guitar picking and Bronwyn's delightful unintrusive violin infills this evening. Your vocal interactions together were similarly very well honed. Thank you both for such a wonderful Bonn Folk Club Evening, at FCB # 130, the closest that we have gotten yet to almost post-COVID new "normality" Long may such wonderful traditions continue to exist and indeed veritably thrive. Thank you both, and you particuarly Simon, for your inimitable contribution, in making FCB (Folk Club Bonn) the best folk club outside of Scotland! We could never have managed that without YOUR constant support and unyielding tenacious and passionate efforts! Thanks again Simon! For anyone who missed out but still wishes to have Simon & Brodwyn's new CD it can be ordered here: and you will be guaranteed a pre-Christmas delivery if you order now. (Even if you already are in possession of one yourself, you can always take the stress out of last minute Christmas shopping by accruing a further copy for any of your numerous friends and relatives!)

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