Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

Photos from the brilliant Folk Club evening
7th of May 2010

3 guitars standing there like 3 "ladies in waiting"

It seems like we are starting to get the feel of it volks, I mean, all we folks at the Folk Club. Volks are starting to just walk in with their "axes, war hammers & what-nots" and say, "can I play with you folks?"
We certainly had a brilliant evening last Friday.
Anybody unhappy?

On this fine evening there were two unexpected "walkins, standups and shoot'em ups."
I would also love to hear from any anglistik/amerikanistik Student/Studentin or any professional übersetzerInnen that could possibly translate that last statement into German. We want certainly to keep the blog zweisprachig, aber mir fehlt die Zeit dazu. I need help. Anybody interested in helping me keep this blog going, please melde dich/Melden sie sich...

Here are a few pix of the last fantastic Folk Club evening.

Special Guests Susanne & Peter aka "Petite Fleur"

finest country & cajun tunes "aus Beuel"

our first walk in of the night
Thomas K. - a smokin' he uilleann pipes

John does a set & Paolo blows the harp (finally)
Paolo sings fantastic, plays the harmonica
and needs to (simply said)
be up there much more than I-We-U-do....
Who_Do? Pablo, Du...

I know I am not an original clubber
I think the concept may be about collaboration
and just look at him, he's even got a plaid shirt on

our 2nd walk in

Mike und der Doktor

John and I think we might should invite them
as special guests next time
any comments? please comment.....

John, the Imp and the Doctor


Günter and Friend

Planning & Networking

John & Frederik

Peter joins them

Frederik will be doing some
James Taylor tunes next month

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