Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010


Here is the text to John's new song.
We can't wait to hear it John.
Looks like friday will be a real "zoo".

by John Harrison

Capo 2nd C (D)

One night in the park,
Just after dark,
There werre more people than usual,
But less dogs seemed to bark.

It was the 5th of May,
How I'll remember that day,
I was dreamin' in slumber,
When Thunder blew my dreams away.

Just because I'm a duck,
It seems no one gives a flying fff.............
Just because I'm a duck,
It seems that I'm right out of luck.

I don't mind if light up the Rhine,
But this time you were way out of line,
Your fireworks were so noisy and loud,
I just gotta get out o' this crowd.

Oh sweet Zeppelina,
You can fly home to me,
Oh sweet Zeppelina,
You really need to be quiet and free.

I knew nothing about you,
When you first came to stay,
Now I'm slightly less nervous,
In this strnge month of May.

You laid an egg and then you flew away,
Came Back the next day,
Now there're five, I just hope that they thrive,
And that we can keep all the predators at bay.

Fireworks wonders,
Mallard Escapee,
Thanks to mankind's blunder,
You've enriched life for me.

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