Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

FC 11 - Pix of Singer's Night
with Kazoo

"So be happy, no fuss, when Kazooing with us,
we're a club you don't see everyday!"

We were absolutely happy to greet a crowd of somewhere around 90 persons, welding some 20-odd Kazoos: young/old, short/tall, thin/fat, German/English, etc./soforth... and the 14 singers that took the stage this evening presented a mixed bag of musical styles and demeanours.

Here are a few more fotos of the evening.

Me getting us started. Setting a good example, doing the first tune with Kazoo!

Youngest act of the evening: Julia, Julia & Monika.

With 2 German pop tunes.

Monika, Cajon and Julia, Piano.

Gut gelaunt danach!

Thomas S. musing about the were-abouts of Donald's trousers...

Andreas N. & Gabi were back again, with a little help from Sabine this month.

After the break John and Paolo got ready to go down on some serious blues...

But, first the announcements, like in Sunday service, written on the back of an old calendar I presume, quite curious that... which month is it and in what year? Maybe we will have a prize for the one who gets it first...

But, then it is finally time to do it!
the first tune is a kazoo feature, who would have thought it?

And they even let Barry show off some of his "extended" kazoo techniques...;-)

Then the audience got their chance too!

Then they get down to the business of the BLUES

Andreas G., also with us for the first time tonight

Stephan W., not just a "whistlin' Dixie" but rather a German Volkslied

and then a bit of
Cat Stevens Demetre Georgiou Yusuf Islam
I told you we are Multi Kulti Dulci
not just Irish!

Another pleasant surprise - Nadine & David

Under 20's doin' jazz-pop standards!

Zugabe? (Encore?) We got somethin' else?

Why not?

"Rheinfolk" last Floor Spot of the evening

Barbara, Violin

Thomas B., Guitar & Stefan F. Mandolin

And to end the evening, the obligatory rendition by all participating singers:
Jock Stewart
"So be easy and free
When you're drinkin wi' me.
I'm a man you don't meet every day."

And after the show a few true souls linger...

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