Montag, 7. März 2011

Folk Club Bonn - 13th Month Statistics

We are well into the 2nd year of the Folk Club.
Time for reflection and retrospection.

Since the first meet in Feb. 2010 we held 13 evenings in 14 months (in August 2010 - no meet - summer break). We had around 800 people in the audiences, many of them regulars. We are presently maxing out the capacities of our room and have a large body of musicians interested in participation on stage.
Thanks to everyone for their interest and support.

We had 5 Special Guests:
Petite Fleur – Cajon, Country
DeElligh – Irish Folk
Mike und der Doktor – Original German Lieder
Reiner Weiss, Piano Busking Music & classics for the masses
SilverSigh – folk-jazz vocals w/ guitar

We had a total of 71 performers, with over 2/3 of them appearing only a single evening on stage. 17% of the performers had 2 appearances, 11% appeared 3 times and 3% have been in the programme 4 times, all of who had their first performances in the first 4 months.

22 participants (31%), almost a third, were age 19 and under, teenagers. The youngest participant was 14 years old. And, those over 60 were also well represented.

Not to mention the diversity of nationalities present, the songs sung from all over the world in multiple languages, the mixture of instruments and musical style.

The bottom line is that Folk Club Bonn, humbly begun a little more than a year ago, is alive and well. We have suffered some growing pains, but, when we look back over the first year, we are truly glad that we did it!

Thanks again to all you Folkers who have helped us make this project a success!

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  1. Statisticen sieht wirklich sehr imponierend aus!
    Und noch viel mehr imponierend ist die Tatsache da es sich um des ersten Jahres
    Des Bestehends von dem Folk Clubs handelt.
    Weiterhin viel Erfolg!

    Bin nur ich imponiert?
    Es hat noch Keiner gewagt zu sagen, was gedacht wird.