Sonntag, 17. April 2011

Special Guests coming in 2011

In the first year of the Folk Club Bonn we had 5 Special Guests:

Petite Fleur – Cajon, Country
DeElligh – Irish Folk
Mike und der Doktor – Original German Lieder
Reiner Weiss - Piano Busking Music & classics for the masses
SilverSigh – folk-jazz vocals w/ guitar

Although we have not had a special guest since Dec. 2010, we have a few up our sleeves for 2011!

DeElligh, who were with us last summer (FC 06 - 9th July 2010), are going to be at the Folk Club again in FC 17 - 1st July 2011.


at FC 21 - 4th November 2011 the Singer/Songwriter Simon Kempston from Edinburgh

He is a long way from home, and if any one should happen to know of somewhere else in the area where he could play, we would be glad to hear about it.

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