Samstag, 2. Juli 2011

FC 17 Pix

'lo Folker's!

Sorry I could not be with you for our first special guest evening of the year. And, especially sorry I could not be there to hear DerElligh's new programme.

But, I had a more important gig on this evening. David had his Graduation last night aka "Arbiturentlassungsfeier", sounds a bit like he's getting out of prison or something, not?... anyway it was quite nice (in spite of not being able to be with you at the FC 17 meet.)

But, don't think we had the night off, like that we drinking and party-in'...

David and I, both had to play a bit of piano at the big event, and I got lucky and made only "one" mistake that was noticable, David cleared it without a hitch!

Here we are afterwards, finally geting down to eatin' and drinkin'

Anyway, got no idea what happened at the "Club"
Have heard it was good too!

Here a few Fotos from Jenny's Trusty Cam:
(Without any further commentary)

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