Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

eMail from Simon Kempston
Special Guest at FC 21

November 2011

Hello John, Barry & Detlef,

How are you all? Well, I trust!

Many thanks for the kind message - for my part I was privileged to perform as part of a wonderful evening of music - it's a great club you have there and testament to the hard work you have obviously all put in.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening - fantastic hosts, a listening, appreciative and receptive audience (even if I did have to disguise my Scottish accent a little to be understood and put on my best BBC voice!!) and a great venue too. I hope that you manage to locate a new venue without too much trouble, and I wish you every success in finding somewhere suitable.

Thank you to Detlef for putting me up for the evening, it was much appreciated and you were very kind, escorting me to the station and ensuring I caught the correct train - in answer to your question, yes I did sleep much of the way after the fine evening's banter!

I'm now more than a little exhausted, just a couple of shows to go, one tonight near Newcastle before heading up to cold, grey Aberdeen (and passing through Edinburgh en route...!) before arriving home on Saturday where I can relax for just a few short days before heading off to Amsterdam! The tour was fantastic, but I can say with wholehearted sincerity that the night in Bonn was easily one of the highlights of the tour, both from a musical perspective and from a social one!

Alas, it looks like the car may be heading to the great scrap graveyard but hopefully I'll be back on the road soon enough.

I would, of course, love to come back next year, and really hope that you'll be able to fit me into your schedule! As soon as I have a better handle on my itinerary for 2012 I will certainly be in touch to try and find a suitable date. I have a new album coming out in Spring 2012 so rest assured it would be a different show!

It goes without saying that each and every one of you is more than welcome to visit me in Edinburgh - in fact I will be most offended if I hear that any of you have been in my beautiful city/country & not taken the time to look me up!

Just heading off to check the blog/photos now - thanks again to you all for a very special evening and I very much hope to see you all again next year. Good luck with the Club in the meantime and do keep me posted of all your news.

Very best wishes from a tired Scotsman journeying north....

simon_kempston AT hotmail DOT com

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