Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Martin Donnelly at FC 26

Don't miss this weeks Folk Club meet with special guest Martin Donnelly visiting us from Ireland!

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  1. Regular followers of the folk club blog who have been reading it avidly since Barry initiated it single handedly two years ago will be well aware of the great wealth and quality of the content contained within it. What some of you stalwarts, or indeed more recent followers of the blog, might not know is, that the folk club blog has its own search facility, and as the blog is Google based, the search facility is really very good indeed.
    If you go to the top left hand side of this page and type robin into the box and click on the magnifying glass you will find a page from January with the lyrics of a song that Martin Donnelly wrote about a robin and gifted us for Christmas.
    If you click on the "download" above the lyrics you can actually listen to the song.
    I am sure that many of you may have missed this the first time around.
    Martin is a very talented singer songwriter and has a channel on You Tube - if you liked his song about the robin, listen to the "Green Man" there. It's a very topical song for May.
    The folk club in Bonn is perhaps a somewhat luddite Morris Minor of a folk club with its pure acoustic tenet of music making, but thanks to Barry it has a top of the the range, high tech, Rolls Royce of a web presence to support it.

    Type in "Zepellina" in the top left hand side and you'll find the words to a song about a duck.
    A song which continues the ornithological / Vogelkunde thread from last month's folk club where the ducks of Ilkley moor in Yorkshire ate the worms which had eaten our unnamed but well sung hero, before they were eaten themselves in an act of great revenge.

    Let us revere the skies at the next folk club as some of you will have surely noticed that the first swifts arrived back with us on Tuesday!

    See you all soon!