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Those of you that regularly follow this blog, will have noticed that we have taken down the unpaid Haus Müllestumpe bill, not because it was paid, but because it is time to move on.

At the folk club, some of our greatest pleasures have been receiving songs from singer songwriters shared with us because they appreciate the folk club and the ideals to which we adhere in striving to promote honest live acoustic music for the benefit of performers and audience, present and future, alike.

The first artist to do this was Martin Donnelly from northern Ireland who kindly gifted us a song he had written about a robin as a Christmas greeting, appropriately entitled “The Robin”. It is still available here on the folk club blog:

(Incidentally you can catch Martin live in FiF in Bad Honnef on 08.05.2013)
more on this concert and others on the FiF blog

Now Bill Perry, who played in the club at FCB 30 in October last year, has sent us, all the way from Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, a song fresh out of the studio, which he has written and recently recorded called “ Whispers of Green” on which he sings and accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica.

Download it here :

Having spent many years as a forester in Canada as a day job and climbing its mountains as a hobby, it aptly describes the arduous quest of man harnessing nature for the benefit of mankind under the often humbling awe of nature‘s grand scale on the one hand, and also on the other, the simple magical wonder of the microcosm of natural organic growth, “the whispers of green”. Thank you Bill for your kind and timely gift and reminder to us that there are so much greater and so many more wonderful things in life to consider and contemplate than those we are normally in the habit of doing on a daily basis.

As you’re around 8,000 kilometres to the west of us Bill, it looks like we’ll have to sing „Jock Stewart“ a wee bit louder next time for you to be able to hear us!

- John Harrison

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