Sonntag, 17. August 2014

50 X 50

The 50 artists appearing on the 50th Anniversary will be alloted 2 mins 36 secs each.
You may use the above timer
to practice for the evening.

Since we have so many players, we will have to be very strict about the time limit. We will be using two alternating stage areas. Each act will set up during the 2:36 performance on the opposite stage. An interval of 1 minute maximum will be allowed between presentations for applause, a bow and clearing of premises. Therefore, it would be helpful to know what you will need on stage, especially if the piano will be used, how many chairs and music stands are required. Please email us if you would, so that we can organize more efficiently.

And, do use the timer to avoid a surprise before the best part of the song!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Thanks for this most useful tool Barry! Trying to complete a song in 2:36 minutes is "do-able", but not easy, especially not for a "rambling" old historical geographer like me!
    I've normally not even ended the explanation and even started the song by 2:36 minutes. So no stories before the songs possible during FCB 50, but there probably will be a few stories to tell afterwards!