Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018

Folk Club Bonn # 92 on the horizon

A unique show in store, for you all, even by our somewhat crazy nutty international standards.

Come along and experience the best live music from the cool breezy scenic tip of northern Ireland way down to the hot sultry swinging humid South of the USA.

Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland are gracing our stage once again and this time promoting their new CD simply entitled "Together". A wonderful thought in a world seemingly drifting ever more apart. The entrance is free, but be warned, there may well be spot checks on the exit door and anyone found leaving without this CD on their personage is likely to be severely admonished.

The ability to read one's audience well allows one the privilege of jesting.

As far as the instrumental line up for the evening is concerned, I jest not!
There will certainly be guitars galore, even fiddles galore and maybe even violins and violas and cellos. You may spy a banjo and probably in the horn section saxes, trumpets, trombones, tubas and a variety of drums and a bodhran. A resonator guitar and a piano both, very recently, tuned "Louisiana Style", Blues harps bent, bis es geht micht mehr, and vibrant voices from well, almost everywhere.

So do come along and be prepared to sing if you wish to. If your voices are not well oiled enough then dear Dotty, your host will have plenty of what the Danes refer to as øl to wet your whistles for singing and to whet your appetites for both the available tasty cuisine and the diverse musical dishes on offer.

The music kicks off punctually at 19:00 hrs so do come early if you wish to be seated, although thinking about it, you probably won't be seated for all of the evening, foot-tapping often leads to uprisings later on.

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