Samstag, 27. Juni 2020

You must be almost be getting as fed up as we are?

Dear lovers of live acoustic music, if it is of any consolation we are pretty cheesed off too!

So here's a shimmer of light opening in the armour of contagion suffocation. People are not the only ones suffering. There has been not one Folk Club Bonn meet since March 

There is nevertheless at least an undercurrent if not a veritable "wind of change" afoot. Here is a small, but not insignificant example:

On this coming Sunday 28.06.20 from 14:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, there will be the possibility to hear some live acoustic music, albeit in a somewhat different setting to what you are normally accustomed in Folk Club Bonn.

Apparently, there is a two-century-old copper beech tree in need of some immediate liquid resuscitation.
The request came via and as I also live in this area, and as Andreas, who sent out this request for communal community help, has visited the Bonn folk club on several occasions.  I thought, this is a good cause, what can we do?

The case in question is the rescue of this individual copper beech tree. 

Can it make a difference? Who knows? but in the words of President Trump in much more dangerous circumstances,  "What have we got to lose"?

It takes place in "Park Haus Castanjen", not to be confused with Parkhaus Castanjen, This is a house called "Castanjen" which happens to be located in a wonderful arboretum park, which is unfortunately and inevitably, slowly coming of age, and is adjacent to the River Rhine. So it is certainly not about a public garage or parking space, which happens to have something to do with chestnuts.

The exact address is Kennedyallee 150, 53175 Bonn- Bad Godesberg, in the American Siedlung not far from either the international school or the American Church.

If you are thinking of coming, by car, one can normally find sufficient parking opportunities along the Kennedyallee. If you are cycling, this world is your oyster, without the shadow of a doubt, either before, or after. Just ride along the Rhine without Carbon Monoxide fumes from vehicles sharing the same lane.

We would love to see you all again.

Perhaps we can all re-discover a common human affinity with the Green Man?
Something that survives so many thousands of years of sometimes dedicated exclusion is perhaps something that we should all finally embrace, as the solitary potential saviour of the whole human race?

"Wo laufen Sie dann? Wo laufen sie dann hin???

With apologies to Loriot!

He sometimes gave "hope" to mankind.

You are all cordially invited to come along and share the joy of the "Green Man"

Do bring a bucket and a mask and remember to distance oneself from fellow tree lovers/huggers.

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