Sonntag, 6. September 2020

After an unprecedented half year break and re-appearing in a very different guise, both outdoors and slightly plugged-in, albeit with battery-powered amplifiers, Bonn folk club rose like a phoenix from the coronavirus COVID-19 ashes and provided some never before seen vistas. The music was wonderful and it was good to see some very familiar faces and even a few new ones. A man who has played a not insignificant rôle in helping to get us up and running again, John Hurd was not only present with his stealthy lens and witty and informative prose, to record this unusual evening for posterity, 

(please click the link at the top of this page to read his 3SongsBonn report)

There are more photos from 3SongsBonn here:

but he also pitched in on guitar and vocals to give us a rendering of St James Infirmary to lighten the mood. Thanks, John! Many thanks to Detlef Stachetzki for managing the COVID traceability rigmarole and constantly changing info E-mails so adroitly and an enormous thanks to Roland from Dotty's bar for his constant inventiveness and continual good humour and hard work in making the evening such a success. Whoops, almost forgot, thanks to God and the Green Man for having at least one foliate ear open and providing the wished-for weather which we ordered. Thanks also to all the brave performers, especially John Hay from the UN, who not only brought the largest and most nationally and culturally diverse musical ensemble along with him but also had the prescience to purchase at the beginning of COVID-19 sufficient battery-powered amplifiers to kit out a whole outdoor folk club if necessary on his own and of course, last, but certainly not least, our wonderful hardy audience. (I certainly could not wish for a better one!)

The floodlit dusk after Jock Stewart had departed

"'evening all!"

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