Sonntag, 31. Januar 2021

Thank you Simon for such a wonderful online concert and kudos to whoever was looking after 

your sound and internet connection for a "job well done!" 

Such events do certainly not yet have a "plug-in and simply play" embodiment to them, and demand a lot of hard graft in order to make them function!

I must admit I concur with Bill Baum of Baum's Bluesbenders and owner and CEO of the music business shop  in Bonn-Bad Godesberg that "LIVE is indeed better"  but confronted with the lack of real choice currently on offer, your concert this evening was much much better than the alternative, which would have been,

 "no concert at all!"

Thanks again Simon,

Keep up the good work!

PS Anybody who enjoyed the concert and/or those who are simply curious and wish to discover more 

can, and should, satisfy their curiosity here:

All of his history and numerous CDs are available here which can be bought via PayPal and any additional donations for the concert would also be much appreciated by Simon.

Imagine if you were used to playing 150 paying gigs a year and then suddenly hit the brick wall of COVID-19 lockdown nearly a year ago! No concerts to play and literally nowhere to go.

It simply beggars belief.

It is never a negative thing to try and project oneself into another person's shoes. It projects one's Vorstellungsvermögen! 

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