Freitag, 5. August 2022

No Folk Club On Friday 05.08.22

 Dear Folk Clubbers,

please do not turn up this evening as we will not be there. During these strange corona times many things have become topsy-turvy but despite this, or perhaps because of this disorder we are reverting to the traditional August vacation break at Bonn Folk Club. So there will be no meeting tonight on Friday 05.08.22.

So Folk Club Bonn really is taking its scheduled vacation in August, but not quite this year. As you have already read 2022 is the 75th jubilee of the Bonn-Oxford twinning arrangement and this year the folk club visited Oxford in June. In August people from Oxford are coming to Bonn to celebrate this event and thus the folk club is arranging an extraordinary event on the LAST Friday in August, on Friday 26.08.22 with Tom Kannmacher as featured artist. Sir Isaac Newton, the famous English mathematician and physicist, once wisely, but sadly, observed that „men build too many walls and not enough bridges“ which is as true today as when it was written over 300 years ago. The numerous twinning arrangements around the world certainly help for there to be more understanding in the world as a whole so the folk club is happy to play a small part in this. In addition to this extraordinary folk club event on Friday evening on the 26.08.22 to celebrate the Bonn-Oxford city partnership the folk club will also be making an appearance the following afternoon on Saturday 27.08.22 at the Bürgerfest / Civic Festival event at the Bottlerplatz in the centre of Bonn near the Strerntor.

And of course, normal service will be resumed shortly afterwards as the next official Folkclub will take place on the first Friday in September 02.09.22 so – as Mario would say, „out of the bedroom and into the music.“

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