Freitag, 30. September 2022

KLEIN ABER FEIN – FOLK CLUB #127 am Freitag 02.09.22


John Hurd from 3SongsBonn was present to confirm that despite everything, Bonn folk club is still quite capable of staging two events within a week of one another, following our late August Bonn-Oxford special event, we also managed the regular first Friday of the month meet just a week later. It was a very wonderful evening with both old young faces with two great sets from Wandering Souls, the duo featuring Lorena Manz and Gerrit Witterhold and also solid performances from FCB veterans Mario Dompke, John Hurd himself and John Hay and also from Hans Ihnen and Christoph Thiebes, as well as new faces from never before seen at the folk club  performers in the guise of Ralf Reifenberg and Katherina Brosch. Keep bringing it on! We have a flat, level-with-the-floor unplugged stage which needs pumping up on the first Friday of the month!

To quote John Hurd himself, it was a truly FCB "Liquorice Allsorts" of an evening, where there was always an unknown surprise coming next, but despite, (or because?) of the great variety, they were all good, and it made for a most magnificent evening. 

Slowly, but surely, after the many trials and trubulations of recent years and clearing the many stones that COVID-19 has rolled along our pass ways, Bonn folk club is quietly re-establishing itself as a go-to lighthouse and living bastion of live acoustic music on the first Friday of each month. Thanks to all the performers who continue to weave their altruistic monthly magic to give wings to Bonn folk club.

So many thanks to John Hurd, for capturing some of this special magic which is otherwise very difficult to bottle and successfully canning it for us!

Lorena tossing Gerrit an unexpected "wobbler" - I'm sure Steve Perry and Barry would have both said a "curved ball" here, - by saying to Gerrit, "We haven't practiced this one with me playing the piano, but I am sure I can do it!" AND, lo and behold, she did do it well, and they both did! 
Many thanks to you both!

Here are some more great photos here from John Hurd from FCB #127:

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