Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2022

Sabine's Photos from FCB # 126 Special Bonn-Oxford Edition

Following Bonn Folk Club's visit to Oxford in June under the auspices of the 75th anniversay of the Oxford-Bonn Twinning friendship on the 27.08.22 we were able to hold an extraordinary Folk Club Bonn to welcome guests from Oxford. 

A selection of some of Dirk Wolf's accordions - Nous sommes d'accord Dirk!

If God's not watching he's probably listening!

John Harrison & Christoph Thiebes

Two of Bonn's Nightwatchmen in the year 1698 

establishing that the second wall of Bonn built in 1644 had indeed 12 Gates To The City!

Barry L. Roshto co-founder of Folk Club Bonn making his first post corona visit to the "stage" of Bonn folk club. We've missed you Barry! He explains in no uncertain terms via spoken word that somethings are just nobody's damned business but one's own.


There's a complentary entrance ticket to the next folk club for the best suggestion as to what Barry is describing below:

Ursel Quint

Dick Wolff from Bonn's twinned City of Oxford

Tom Kannmacher

Mario Dompke

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