Folk Club Bonn (FCB)
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Folk Club Bonn?
The Folk Club Bonn is an unofficial, non-profit group whose purpose is to organize and carry out informal performances of purely acoustic music.

When does the FCB meet?
On the first Friday night of each month from 7 pm to 10 pm.
(In 2018 there will be no meet in August.)

Where does the FCB meet?

Since July 2016 we meet at Sträters Sports Bar
Öffentliches Vereinshaus des Bonner Tennis- und Hockey-Vereins
Christian-Miesen-Straße 1
53129 Bonn (Dottendorf)
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Are there any rules?
There are only two hard and fast rules:
1) No smoking inside the room.
2) No electricity is to be used to produce or enhance the musical performances.

What kind of music is played at the Folk Club?
Any and every musical style can be and is played at Folk Club Meets. Any instrument and any language are welcomed. Dance and recitations are also a part of the FCB repertoire. A foremost priority of the FCB organizers is to encourage diversity.

The only criteria is that the performers may not use electricity for the production or enhancement of the music presented.

Who Plays at the Folk Club?
Anyone and everyone can and does play at the Folk Club, young and old, professional and amateur, in any language or musical style.

If you are interested in performing for the Folk Club Bonn:
1) send your requests to playrequestfolkclubbonn AT gmail DOT com
2) or if you have never played at the FCB, you could just walk in with your instrument and take a first-timer spot: newcomers are priority and are almost always guaranteed a floor spot.

What happens at a typical Folk Club Meet?
Normally, the first half of the evening begins with a set by John, who is followed by Floor Spots from regulars who have notified us that they would like to perform, Annettes, unannounced Walk-Ins and/or a longer set by a Featured Artist or group.

After a short break, Barry usually starts the second half, then the rest of the Floor Spots are heard, followed by another set by the Featured Artist.

The end of the evening often involves gathering all the performers on stage for the collective singing of our Folk Club Anthem “Jock Stewart”. Get a .pdf of Jock Stewart Sheet Music or just the Jock Stewart Text and practice beforehand or use it to sing a long. Now and again there have been jam sessions after the official programme is finished.

What is a Floor Spot?
A Floor Spot is a short 2 – 3 Song set of approx. 10 - 15 minutes + a possible encore. We never deny an act an encore when the audience shows interest.

What is an Annette?
Named after Annette, who once appeared on the Folk Club program, playing a single classical guitar piece. An Annette is a single song performed by a regular or new-comer, very often earning a spot because the subject of the piece pertains to the Theme of the evening.
What is a Walk-In?
A Walk-In is someone who we have never had on the programme before, who walks in and says they want to do a Floor Spot. They have priority and almost always get to play. (Even if some of the planned spots have to be postponed or shortened.)

How did the Folk Club begin?
The idea of the Folk Club Bonn was conceived by John Harrison and Detlef Stachetzki on the train to Bonn. John then approached Barry L. Roshto with the idea in December 2009. After Ingrid Stachetzki helped arrange the room at the Schutzenhaus in Graurheindorf, the first meeting was held in February 2010.

What is the Folk Club Blog?
On Saturday the 6th of March 2010, the Folk Club Blog was initiated by Barry L. Roshto, who still struggles to keep it up to date.

http://folk-club-bonn.blogspot.com/ has evolved into a frequently visited site (the first link when googling Folk and Bonn). Its numerous photos, reports, reviews and links have made it an information reference for interested new comers as well as old timers. It could also be seen as a historical documentary of the Folk Club Bonn.