Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Under New Management

The Folk Club schedualing has been in the trusty hands of John Harrison for over a year now. Beginning in September 2011, I will be taking over the direction of this important and time consuming task.

Hats off to John for his amazing work in navigating those waters!
The gliches and misunderstandings were mostly due to our uncoordination. Thus, we decided very early on, that it is best if only one person is doing the programming for the evening. So, I will be your man come September.

I hope that my time at the helm will go as smoothly as John's did.

Due to Special Guests and long-term bookings, next month, 1st July 2011 is already booked out. As are September, November and December.
Unless there are cancellations, on these months, it will be difficult to get a spot.

August and October are completely free, so those are your best bets for a place on stage. Those of you who can already say that they want a spot in August or October please contact me as soon as possible and get to the top of the list!

send play requests to:

playrequestfcb AT

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