Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

FC 16 Fotos

Just another typical, unusual FC evening!

with a good attentive audience
& lots of saxes about

happy faces at the bar

spanning generations with
Jenny & Ana getting us up and running...

joined by Paolo, as were many of the following acts

Stormy Monday

The Proud Merries

Sax 5, the first sax quartet of the evening

Barry's "Father's Day Special"
joined by Shawn on "Father and Son"

2nd sax quartet - Sax Attack

Mega Sax - Shawn combines both quartets into an octet

After a short repair job, we're back in buisiness

Ingrid & Günther

Günther is one of our oldest Folk Clubbers
not only is he older in years than the most of us,
he has been a faithful listener & performer
since the very first FC sessions in the spring of 2010
ps - Detlef pls send me any fotos that you made that could complete this foto documentation

John & Paolo

First Timer Daniel ponders :
"What do you play at the Folk Club?"

with a little help from Paolo, "most valuable player" of the evening,
he was spot on

The meet ended with a A-Blues Jam

and after the official end, we come to the philosophical part
of the evening

am I believ'n this?

our Schützenhaus team tending our culinary desires

Wir müssen draussen bleiben!-)

Although we are strictly non-smoking INSIDE
Angi & her team have made a cozy little corner
OUTSIDE for our smoking quests

This little corner & bistro table has been the location of some of the best snapshots of the year:

Mike und der Doktor, FC 07 - 3rd September 2010

and these two ladies from FC 14 - 1st April 2011?

Anyone know if they really are smokers
or are they just getting some fresh air?

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