Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017

John Hurds Bilder vom Folk Club Nr. 83 im September 2017

The Bromo Team pre-concert oozing professionality

Dieter Fahring preparing a dish of potatoes and pike

for eager consumers

BROMO almost toe-to-toe

BROMO: Dennis and Marvin Ledermann with a little help from Lena

Chris Biederwolf
"Song from a shopping list"
Die Klingende Brücke,  or at least a part of the ringing bridge

A small choir of neighbourhood sparrows
supported by a somewhat larger choir:  kleinen Chor Bad Godesberg
Poor John Hurd had to go out on the balcony to take this one
Günter Engel goes solo to give us a cooking lesson

and we all get our fruity just desserts!
Lena the nightingale

leaving space for Barry

Andy covering Marillion witk ELPI 

Sparkling Light invoking the Haggis God with the help of Robbie Burns

Paul and Monika Haag giving us culinary delicacies from the Rhineland
BROMO in flight
BROMO & Lena
BROMO discovering that
"Unplugged" = "Walkabouts"
Footloose and fancy-free and unchained from the "stage"

Job well done!  Thanks, BROMO!

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