Montag, 10. Februar 2020

Folk Club Bonn #110 from 07.02.2020 10 year anniversary edition with the Four Fiddlers 3SongsBonn Report from John Hurd

Once upon a time Barry L. Roshto, our in house musical maestro and media artist extraordinaire set up this blog for the folk club on which I am currently writing on the 05.03.2010 (that is why this date is upon the banner on top of the blog Detlef- in answer to your puzzling question!) and soon afterwards John Hurd established 3SongsBonn as a remarkable new English language musical website based in Bonn.

Barry very astutely named the site "Folk Club Bonn" rather than the slightly more correct rendition, from an English language point of view, of "Bonn folk club". When such English language problems arise, Steve Perry and I do arrange helpful English Conversation sessions normally in Dotty's Bar in the Bonner BHTV on Tuesday evenings which allow you to experience at first hand why the USA and the UK are actually two nations separated by the same language.

The result is, however, that anyone who googles the latter, "Bonn Folk Club" will find us quite easily, but anyone who searches for the former will also find us quite easily too, but anyone googling for "Folk Club" in the whole of Germany will find us on top of the list. There are in fact a few other "folk clubs" in Germany, but Simon Kempston rates us as the best folk club outside of Scotland, and he should know as he's played at most of them, and also played at ours with more regularity than any other touring musician.

This was a simple stroke of genius on Barry's part, but I digress, the result of all this is, the folk club in Bonn is a wonderful altruistic institution founded and furthered by so many like-minded people, working together voluntarily and providing a joy to so many, and would, under normal circumstances be a nice cosy little folk club, in what John Le Carré once described as "A Small Town In Germany", but thanks to Barry and John Hurd in particular, instead of being a mere Morris Minor of a provincial German folk club, it punches well above its weight and has a veritable Rolls-Royce of an internet presence.

John Hurd was fortunately at the last folk club and has documented it in his own wonderful inimitable fashion and if ever there was a style king for keen photographers and wordsmiths reviewing musical events then John Hurd would be up there in line for the appropriate "Oscar" any time soon.

I always maintain, based on many years of experience, that the next best thing that one can do, if it is physically impossible for one to attend a particular musical event in Bonn or the surrounding area, is to read John Hurd's report and admire his stealthy, "look into the eyes of one's soul" photography.

I well remember in the early days, when John Hurd would have sometimes been the only other person in the room who had actually ever attended an English folk club. So thank you once again, John, for a decade of understanding, tolerance and motivation to better things in a wonderful live music project, and for helping to make the world a slightly better place in our own local musical microcosm.

So thank you John Hurd, and a special thank you to dear Barry L. Roshto if he hadn't have nodded and broken the habit of a lifetime and been the first on the draw to buy a small 0,2 litre Kölsch in Rolf Breuer's pub in Bad Godesberg, this all could have been mere supposition and not folk club "history", and this particular blog would not even be here.

There are more photos available here:

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  1. Thanks for the kind words on me and my website John.
    You astutely described my photographic style as to "look into the eyes of one's soul" which indeed I try to do.
    If you look at the images from the 10th Anniversary you will see that,however they may be elsewhere,the people both on and off stage at Folk Club Bonn more often than not have smiles on their faces. It has been the same at every meet I have attended.
    I think that says all I need to say about the Folk Club Bonn.
    John Hurd