Samstag, 9. Mai 2020

Live Acoustic Musik findet doch irgendwie statt!

Many thanks to Bonn Live who have been very busy arranging live music concerts, without a live audience (strictly COVID-19 conform), but professionally filmed and recorded and transported via the internet directly to a living room near you, without the need for you to leave home and potentially spread the virus. This, of course, helps the local musicians around Bonn who suddenly two months ago were presented with gigs suddenly cancelled for the foreseeable future and no income and also the venues in Bonn which presented such regular and varied live music concerts to suit almost all tastes. Many of these venues, which were forced to close as in their guise as pubs and/or restaurants as they could not enforce acceptable physical distancing for clients or staff, have been driven to fear for their very existence in the future. Bonn Live has taken upon itself to give local musicians the ability to perform in the current cultural desert in which we exist during the lockdown. Simultaneously they are attempting to raise money to financially support these two groups whose very existence is a prerequisite for future live music culture in Bonn.
So it is possible for you to stay at home and enjoy local musicians performing for your pleasure in the comfort of your own homes, and if you feel so inclined you can make a donation for the benefit of these two groups via Bonn Live, just follow the donation (Jetzt Spenden) buttons.

As you know the last meet of Bonn folk club, number #111,  took place on Friday 06.03.2020 and immediately after that date the "proverbial" hit the Corona fan and the featured artists Stables from London had to literally break off their tour of Germany the following week and return home to Britain with the majority of their tour gigs unplayed.

On the last Folk Club Bonn bill in March was also fellow organiser Daniel Bongart. Daniel featured in a concert which was broadcast live yesterday evening on Friday, 08.05.20 together with cello player Carola Heyden and you can enjoy this concert retrospectively on the link below:

Bonn Live Concert Daniel Bongart & Carola Heyden

Daniel Bongart, Carola Heyden - Angel - YouTube

Also present in March at the folk club was another local duo as featured artists along with the London based group Stables and we were proud to have Steve Crawford and Sabrina Palm as featured artists on the bill. You can enjoy a further concert from this pair billed as "Fresh Folk From Scotland" tonight, (and afterward retrospectively) thanks to Bonn Live on the video link below taken from the venue Fabrik45 in Bonn :

Steve Crawford & Sabrina Palm "Fresh Folk From Scotland

Image result for steve crawford and Sabrina Palm

So, enjoy, and as Richard Thompson once sang, "Keep Your Distance", (1.5 metres, or preferably 2.0 metres) continue to wash your hands thoroughly, don't let it get you down, and hope to see you sometime in the not too distant musical future at a folk club somewhere near you in Bonn.

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