Freitag, 1. Mai 2020

Virtual FCB - 1. May 2020 - PAUSE

This is so surrealistic that we are even having a virtual break for 15 minutes in order that you can refresh your drinks and have a "pee-pee Pause".

A good time to reflect and check out David Blair's web site where you can purchase all kinds of goodies, and remember just because everyone is currently locked down for Coronavirus-COVID-19 that doesn't mean that Christmas is not approaching any slower, so use your spare XMAS-shopping time wisely and fill up your boots now and put a few CDs away in your bottom drawer for someone dear to you, who possibly appreciates similar music to you:
Souvenirs and Signed Album Bundles in David's shop:
Remember it's so much better than dashing around the shops like a headless chicken on Christmas eve morning trying to desperately find the presents that you've forgotten.

See you back at 20:30 hrs, when it will go virtually loose once again!

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