Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2020

Friday 09.10.2020 at 20:00 hrs in Bonn. Meeting place Rheingasse, on the corner of Brassertufer

The safest place is still OUTSIDE, but it is as well to be INSIDE the old city walls of 1644. Come and take a stroll with me through the beautiful city of Bonn in the year 1698.

The Night watchman in Bonn

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The Nightwatchman

Night watchman John

Travel with the night watchman through Bonn.

A walk through the darker, wilder sides of the city.

These were dangerous times and the tasks which faced the night watchman meant that it was certainly not an easy job. Apart from dealing with the normal rabble and riff-raff in and around the city, the electoral capital of Bonn was threatened in the 17th century by war, fire and pestilence with the bubonic plague.

A hardened man, tough and well experienced, who could deal with any situation which might crop up, was required in order to watch over the city at night and ensure the safety of its citizens.

He's certainly many's a tale to tell about his often challenging job: How the Dutch invading forces entrenched themselves on the Parson's cap in the Rhine before finally retreating, to be replaced by Spanish                                                                     forces.

As the international battles in Europe seemingly lasted for perpetuity, Bonn, although luckily spared the brunt of the wars, was worried because its old medieval city walls were in urgent need of an upgrade, in order to cope and offer defence in such troubled times.

The night watchman's passion was not only guarding the walls and closing the city gates, the vineyards also had to be protected from thieves and sinners. In order that the black death did not spread further than necessary, the Cologne fisherwomen had to be prevented from offering rotten or adulterated fish for sale. Or, worse still would be if the many crooks, witches and blasphemers were allowed to wreak havoc with their vile, nefarious villainy in Bonn.

However, with the Wolf's tower and the Maar tower and the "Pranger", the pillory, the night watchman had sufficient weapons in his arsenal to adequately deal with any threats to law and order within the city.

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