Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2023

John Hurd's take on FCB # 131 on Friday 06.01.23 Another great night of music at Dotty's in Bonn. Hosted as always by John Harrison (pictured) and featuring harps of all shapes and sizes, not to mention a banjo or three and good vibes all round. More to follow on 3songsbonn as always 🙂
How fortunate we were that John Hurd was present at last Friday's folk club in Bonn. I have often maintained that if one somehow cannot make it to a musical event in the Bonn area, then reading John Hurd's report, not long, afterward is always by far the very next best thing. So it was at the recent FCB # 131 with ten different performing acts there was certainly a lot of musical variety and plenty of those famous rabbit holes that John takes great pleasure in exploring whilst he is following the paths that the various songs take him along. Certainly, not a simple task for John with some 30 songs played during the evening by some 10 different performers or performing groups. Although John Hurd is not a trained journalist like John Hay, John Hurd has a command of English and an English vocabulary second to none and a seemingly endless knowledge of all the musical genres that one is likely to hear in Bonn folk club, which is often rather considerable, as last Friday proved. Furthermore, John Hurd fully understands the old journalistic adage that "tomorrow's news today" is much more preferable to "yesterdays' news tomorrow" or even next week! Many thanks, John Hurd and 3SongsBonn for your invaluable work in producing such an extensive well written report in such a short amount of time! Bonn folk club does certainly not possess any material wealth, except of course for our audience, which really does come along to listen to the music and not to chat, and is probably our greatest single "asset", without which it would be impossible for us to perform totally unplugged and without any amplification whatsoever. "Applause" is the bread of the musicians who perform, and the folk club audience never allows the performers to go hungry on the evening. In addition though the English language reports done by John Hurd on 3SongsBonn and the German language reports which appear on the folk club blog, written by either Detlef Stachetzki or Mario Dompke, not to mention the MP4 files kindly recorded and edited by Mario of the evening's performances and presented to the performers as a gift for their efforts, do certainly increase the value of such evenings for our performers. Similarly thanks to Barry L. Roshto, fellow Bonn folk club co-founder and resident musician, who set up the FCB blog, which enables you to be reading these very words right now! Many thanks for the new banner on the blog Barry! A warm thanks to you all on the folk club team for your wonderful altruistic efforts,which continue to allow Bonn folk club to shine and punch well above its weight, as what dear Simon Kempston describes as simply "the best folk club outside of Scotland"! When Jock Stewart buys the next round we will certainly all drink to that!

Additionally, it would not be a typical John Hurd report if his pure stealth photographs did not accompany his report. More photos of a wonderful folk evening can be seen Here:

John Hurd caught off guard here by Sabine Schuntzig whilst he photographs in "stealth mode"!
FCB #131 certainly turned out to be the best folk club meet of 2023 so far, by a long chalk!

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