Dienstag, 8. Juni 2021

DAVID BLAIR My 25 Years in Music by a Canadian who moved to Europe:

 Dear Folkies,

life goes invariably on, and while everything is not perfect, there are some good positive signs on the horizon.

My 25 Years in Music:


Someone who was born in Canada and now lives in Berlin has recently posted a YouTube video celebrating his first 25 years in music.

David Blair first visited Folk Club Bonn in Haus Mühlestumpe at FCB #55 in February 2015


 and he went down so well that we booked him again for the following year and he performed at FCB #66 in February 2016. 


He was next scheduled to appear at FCB#96 in November 2018. 


He was due to visit us again in 2020 but unfortunately, COVID-19 got in the way of that one.

That wasn't going to stop David. When we told him that April 2020 had been our last "normal "folk club meet, but that we were intending to try and set up some kind of virtual folk club in May 2020 he immediately said I can send you a set for that no problem, and so he did!



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